Therapeutic Fitness & Wellness Programs for Those Diagnosed with Cancer 

Today the medical community is calling cancer a chronic illness. Just as they have changed their perception of the disease itself, health professionals are reevaluating how much activity a cancer patient can handle while in treatment or soon after.

Experts world wide now know, simple, regular physical activity can make a huge difference in the quality of life for cancer patients and ultimately, in their chances for a full recovery.

soloHealing services are tailored to each patient’s specific condition and documented as a comprehensive plan of care with the goals of:

          • mitigating the acute and chronic side effects due to cancer treatment
          • enhancing our clients’ ability to effectively tolerate their primary treatment
          • lifting spirits and improving their mood and quality of life

We help clients maintain a level of function, mobility and spirit while coping with cancer.


Make a PACT for Life! Cancer Specialist Training Workshop

April 18, 2015

Make a PACT for Life!

For anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer: join our PILOT exercise class today!

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