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Greetings from Lisa

Lisa_girls_Nov. 2010_Greetings from Lisa –

Once upon a time I started a business. With help from a neighbor who could type, a DBA from the city, a $200 gift from my parents to buy some stationary, a blood pressure cuff, caliper, stop watch and metronome – Solo Fitness & Wellness was born on April 16, 1990.

Who had even heard of computers, Facebook or blogging, let alone owning a cell phone back then? Conversations were phone calls or face-to-face meetings. Invoices & receipts were mailed. Banking was done at the bank and checks were handwritten. We focused on writing brochures, creating stationary and business cards to get our message out. Now that’s all gone and the new gold standard for marketing and communication is a website. Clearly the world has changed, but our mission hasn’t.

Solo Fitness & Wellness’s mission is to make health an accessible goal in many people’s lives. And we continue to do so twenty years later. Our social strategy is clear: to engage people so they will participate in physical activity as a lifelong habit.

I hope by communicating with you via this blog from time to time, I get to connect with you in hopes to influence you and your network of friends, towards activity via real world and virtual social networks.