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Greetings from Lisa

Greetings from Lisa – Once upon a time I started a business. With help from a neighbor who could type, a DBA from the city, a $200 gift from my parents to buy some stationary, a blood pressure cuff, caliper, stop watch and metronome – Solo Fitness & Wellness was born on April 16, 1990. […]

Supplements No Substitute for Healthy Diet

Supplements Cost Much and Are Not Necessary for All, Experts Say Entire stores, grocery store aisles and websites are dedicated to helping you find the right combination of vitamins and supplements– the kinds you swallow, the kinds you chew and the kinds you drink. Although 44 percent of Americans say they use supplements every day […]

A Soda a Day Increases Diabetes Risk

It’s not just soda, either. A study fingers energy drinks, sweetened tea, and other sugary beverages A soda a day? That’s not so bad—a 150-calorie blip, burned off with a brisk half-hour walk. But it’s not only your waistline that’s at stake. A study released today in the journal Diabetes Care found that people with […]

Sit Less Live Longer

The more Americans engage in one of their favorite pastimes — sitting around — the shorter their average life span, a new study suggests. The effect remained even after researchers factored out obesity or the level of daily physical activity… people were engaged in, according to a study of more than 120,000 American adults. It’s […]