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Be a Pioneer
Join our Pilot Program for PACT
Participate in Physical Activity during Cancer Treatment & beyond

Studies have shown that exercise increases quality of life for cancer survivors and may lengthen their lives by preventing recurrence. We know the benefits, but are survivors participating?

Many people with cancer:
don't know what exercises to do
how much to do
and who to work with

PACT changes that.
PACT is uniquely designed for both newly diagnosed and long term cancer survivors. It is a series of physical activity programs that rebalance, rebuild and revive.
We're ready to Pilot PACT for the American College of Sports Medicine's Initiative Exercise is Medicine so that PACT can become a nationally accredited physical activity intervention for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer.
But we need your help to do it, here's how.
Take a class OR Host a class

To Take a Class You Must:
• be diagnosed with cancer within past 10 years  (open to all types of cancer)
• be actively in treatment or post treatment (completed with first cycle of chemotherapy)
• have feelings of fatigue, general weakness or low energy levels
• experience some decline in function
• have medical approval for physical activity
• be available for: 8 weeks/twice a week/45 mins classes
• be at least 20 years old

To Host a Class the Facility Must :
be able to accommodate 12-15 people in a classroom or studio space
• be easily accessible by public transportation
have enough chairs for the class participants and a hook up for ipod

To take a class or host a class, please link here to contact us.

PACT was created by Lisa Hoffman, M.A., Founder and Director of Solo Fitness & Wellness, Applied Physiologist, Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and author of
The Healing Power of Movement:
How to Benefit from Physical Activity During Your Cancer Treatment.