FAQs on Osteoporosis

Q: "I have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis of the spine. I want to continue my exercises but I am scared not to cause a fracture. What should I be doing?"

A: It is important to remain active during this time and to primarily focus on weight bearing and strength training exercises, to maintain muscle strength, balance, reaction time and to decrease the risk of falling. Not recommended is forward bending, as to pick up something or to do curl-ups for your abdominals, twisting of the spine, or high risk activities.

Q: "I have osteoporosis and have already had a hip fracture. It is difficult for me to stand on my feet for a long period of time, therefore; I like to swim. But since that is a non-weight bearing activity, what else should I be doing for my bones?

A: Continue to swim, a great form or exercise and cardiovascular health. It is important to incorporate strength-training exercises for the whole body while focusing on hips, spine and wrist.

Q: "I do not have osteoporosis and I do not want to get it…since it is in my family history what should I be doing?"

A: Prevention is the way to go!! Maintain a healthy weight while getting all you r nutrients, particularly Calcium, Vitamin D and others, while focusing on weight-bearing aerobic activity the majority days of the week, along with strength training exercises and flexibility exercise.

Q: "I do not belong to a gym so I usually go outside for my walks for activity. Since the cold weather has arrived, what can I be doing inside without any fancy equipment?"

A: Look around your home. The stairs can service as aerobic activity. Choose one and go up and down one of them carefully for a few minutes… use the wall for wall-push-ups, soup cans for weights, buy an exercise video (the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s Be BoneWise Exercise – is a great option.) Be creative!