FAQs on Heart Disease

Q: "My cholesterol is 230, however my HDL is 82 and I am 57 years old. I am not able to take HRT for other risk factors, what can I do through exercise to help maintain my health?"

A: Even though your total cholesterol is a bit high (over 200mg/dl), your HDL cholesterol is high also which is preferable. Along with a healthy diet, it is recommended to do aerobic activity as stated by the American College of Sports medicine – “ frequency – the majority days of the week, 10-30 minutes in duration”

Q: "I am on beta-blockers for my high blood pressure. Will this affect my heart rate during exercise?"

A: Not only does this medication lower your blood pressure during rest and exercise, but it can also lower your heart rate during rest and exercise. So the target heart rate zone numbers may not be applicable for you. Rely more on your perceived exertion - you should be able to talk but not sing when exercising at the appropriate rate.

Q: "I am 48 years old and 30% body fat. I have heard that after menopause it is harder to loose the excess weight. I’m getting close! What can I do to decrease my chances of having a heart attack?"

A: This is a strategic time to be concerned to prevent an event rather then treat it afterwards. As increased body weight can increase risk of heart disease and others, it is imperative to get your body fat percentage into more healthy range hovering around 25-27%. Aerobic and strength training exercise can help you attain these goals, along with a healthy diet.